Welcome to my site. My name is Valéria Piemonte, I am the enthusiastic designer behind Little Butterfly Wings. Scrapbooking is my passion in life so here you will find a pleasant environment where you can get just the right amount of inspiration, and fun resources that will help you to document your life stories, to create beautiful scrapbook pages and projects and preserve them for lifetimes to come.


July’s Block Party – The Last Minute

It seems like a long time since the last time I posted here, doesn’t it?…

JUNE BLOCK PARTY + FREEBIE!!!!  Hello friends!I am so proud to say I am part…

New logo + New Kit + New Shop

Hello friends! The day is finally here!! I can´t believe it is June already. It…

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  1. You can try out any of these methods and see which method appeals to you more. There’s no fixed way to doing it, so just give it a go and get started in creating your scrapbook for your little girl

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